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{Tuesday, October 11, 2005}

Today the weather is quite %$#&y, but that's no reason for every linebacker-sized guy to nudge me on the subway. Perhaps the ogres didn't see me from up there, but it's not appreciated.

posted by Julie 10:42 AM

{Thursday, August 25, 2005}


Did you ever get so angry that you thought your head would blow off? or maybe that you would throw up and cry at the same time? I try to pretend it isn't happening, but I know my face is getting red. I could say that my hair color is reflecting on my face color, but that would only fool those speeding rather than ambling by my desk. I could sit under my desk, but someone would eventually notice me. What is one to do, then? Ahhh, the corporate life. Why are there so few places to hide in midtown Manhattan, corporate America? It's no wonder they make skyscraper windows unopenable.

posted by Julie 9:27 PM

{Tuesday, March 23, 2004}

Friend wrote:
yes, you have many redeemable qualities. you are very
interesting and smart, you have a lovely assortment of
funky socks and stockings, you're creative, you aren't
a slut like me, you are a virgin on the street and a
whore in bed, your hair is a wonderful shade of red,
you have a fantastic sense of humor and an
appreciation for the absurdities of life, your palm
piolt is very useful, you are resourceful, you have
fresh breath and a very strange cat. if other people
can't appreciate this...well, fuck them! it's their
loss! or maybe they do appreciate you they are just
crappy when it come to showing it. or maybe they are
selfish bastards who need to be slapped. do yoga.

I wrote:

People keep canceling on me. I'm starting to think I
am lame or something. I know I'm a nerd, but don't I
have some redeeming qualities? Seriously, I'm
starting to get pissed off and I don't have
accupuncture until Saturday.

posted by Julie 5:19 PM

{Tuesday, October 07, 2003}

The sound of newspaper crinkling humidly beneath my fingers as I peer at the copy mingled with the grainy recycled sheets.

posted by Julie 5:55 PM

{Monday, June 30, 2003}

Insomnia is a terrible thing. Then again, sleeping is kind of a weird thing to do, too.

posted by Julie 4:34 AM

{Tuesday, June 03, 2003}

I used to wake in the middle of the night. I would go downstairs to the kitchen and get the coldest beverage I could. It was usually juice. The objective was to get a chill so that I would want to get back under my covers and riggle around to warm it up. This warming of my bed followed by me huddling toward it as much as I could, usually coerced my body to fall back asleep.

I would often see my Dad in the kitchen. I think his method involved ice cream. I figured because he was older, he needed a more powerful tool to help him sleep. He was always surprised to see me, but I expected him regularly. Eventually, during periods of regular sleep hardship, he would make bananas and sour cream with sugar on top?his specialty?for us both and then shuffle me to bed.

Now I'm the adult. I just drank my juice, but the memory of my nightmare keeps flooding back in more sinister scenarios than the first. I've put my robe on to combat the chill, but it's still with me.

posted by Julie 3:57 AM

{Tuesday, April 15, 2003}

I just rested my head on my desk in an exaggerated display of my humiliation and the room started spinning.

posted by Julie 10:47 AM